Luxury Car Rental in Dubai: Discover Al Rafaheia Rent a Car

The city of superlatives Dubai expects the best of everything, and it is to be expected. Many exciting opportunities are available for luxury travelers, car enthusiasts, and business executives who want to tour the city comfortably by luxury car hire. Al Rafaheia Rent a Car has the upper hand as they have a great choice of attractive cars for their reasonable price. They are elegant and comfortable. Driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road or arriving late to a big business event in luxury car rentals in the UAE capital city guarantees that people have their eyes full of wonder.


Range of Luxury Car Options

Al Rafaheia Rent a Car emphasises the high diversity and exclusivity of presented cars based on the luxury segment of vehicles. From sleek sports cars to opulent sedans, the range includes world-renowned brands such as:

    • Ferrari: Experience the speed and class of Ferrari riding in this modern car simulation game.
    • Lamborghini: Feel the superiority of the Lamborghini shape, style, and color.
    • Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce is an ultimate luxury and opulence on wheels one desires to ride on.
    • Range Rover: Take delight in the synergy of style and power with a Range Rover.
    • BMW: Enjoy a truly motion experience with the distinctive look of the BMW.
    • Mercedes-Benz: Consider the choice of Mercedes-Benz – the ideal combination of classical excellence and high-tech solutions.

Whether you’re looking for manual or automatic gearbox vehicles, hiring from Al Rafaheia Rent A Car means driving the latest models with plenty of features.

Best Luxury Car Rental in Dubai: Important Tips

To make the most of your luxury car rental experience in Dubai, consider the following tips:

  1. Book in Advance: Luxury cars attract customers, making booking easy. Pre-reservation facilities allow the client to obtain the car model of their choice.
  2. Understand the Terms: It is important to know rental agreement conditions such as mileage fees, fuel type, and insurance policy.
  3. Check for Hidden Costs: You should account for any extra payments, such as for a GPS navigator, child seats, or additional drivers.
  4. Inspect the Car: Before leaving the lot, carefully review the car for any previous damage to ensure it is noted.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Laws: Dubai has particular driving rules. Learn more about the laws that apply to weekends to avoid being fined.

Rent Exotic Cars in Dubai

Al Rafaheia Rent a Car offers phenomenal car rentals, ranging from luxurious cars to sports cars, that will attract attention. Whether strolling around a fancy event or the city, rent an exotic car to make the event even more special. Some sought-after models available include:

  • Ferrari 488 GTB: Its drivability and its speed have been well-documented among motoring fans.
  • Lamborghini Aventador: A film in which direction and acting reach perfection with an outstanding design.
  • McLaren 720S: Renowned for its outstanding engineering and sports/racing performance.

If you rent an exotic car from Al Rafaheia, you are renting the finest experience of luxury automobiles.

Rent Luxury Car in Dubai – Al Rafaheia Rent a Car

Al Rafaheia Rent a Car stands out as the premier choice for luxury car rental in Dubai for several reasons:

  1. Wide Selection: Best known for their variety and selection of luxury and exotic cars.
  2. Competitive Rates: Be clear about how much you will charge without ‘extras.’
  3. Exceptional Service: Customization to accommodate individual preferences.
  4. Convenient Locations: Multiple pick-up and drop-off locations across Dubai.

So, when choosing Al Rafaheia Rent a Car, you can rest assured that you will be provided with one of the best driving experiences in Dubai, equal to its popularity.

Luxury Car Rental Dubai Airport

Customers can now book their luxury cars online and pick them up directly from the airport terminal in Dubai. Transport stress after a flight is something no person who has traveled should have to deal with. To have this and other such services, Al Rafaheia will arrange for a luxury car of your choice to be just outside the airport.

Key benefits include:

  • Seamless Transition: Start your journey in style without delay.
  • Time-Saving: Pre-booking car rental services at the airport rental desks can save time and avoid the long queues and paperwork at the airport car rental desks.
  • VIP Treatment: Receive a special welcome treatment before reaching Dubai.

When traveling to Dubai for either leisure or business, beginning with a luxury car from Al Rafaheia is a proper foundation for an exquisite experience.

Rent a Luxury Car with a Driver

For those with no time to deal with everyday technicalities, we provide the opportunity to lease an exclusive car with an experienced driver from AlRafaheia Rent a Car. This service is perfect for busy businessmen/women who are always making crucial calls and tourists who don’t want to waste their time waiting in traffic congestion to see Dubai’s attractions. Benefits of this service include.

  • Professional Drivers: Moderate in price and have experienced and multilingual drivers familiar with Dubai.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Let the chauffeur take you to your desired destination in luxury and comfort.
  • Tailored Itineraries: Product and service differentiation focusing on the traveler and his preferences.

Al Rafaheia Rent a Car With Driver thus guarantees its customers comfort and VIP lifestyle in Dubai.


Luxury car rental in Dubai is not just a way to get around the city – it is also a way to make a statement and enjoy the city life in a completely new way. Al Rafaheia Rent a Car caters as an ultimate car rental hub, offering a wide range of luxury and exotic cars for all kinds of events leases. From booking the airport transfers to a personal chauffeur car hire services AlRafaheia delivers a unique quality to the travellers that only aspires for the best. Experience the luxury on four wheels and enjoy the premium luxury car rental service Al Rafaheia Rent a Car provides.


Q: What is the cancellation policy for reservations? 

A: Cancellation 48 hours before the pick-up date is also acceptable, and the itinerary is fully refundable. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the arrival date will incur a cancellation fee.

Q: Can I add a driver to my rental agreement? 

A: If you need additional drivers, you can insert as many as you need on the rental agreement. The remaining driver needs to meet the same requirements regarding age and necessary documents as the main driver.

Q: Are cars equipped with GPS navigation systems? 

A: Most luxury and exotic cars have electronic gadgets, including GPS. Check this in advance, and ask for it when booking.

Q: Is there a delivery and collection service for the rental cars? 

A: Customers do not need to travel to AlRafaheia but can opt for delivery and collection to the hotel or residence in Dubai at their convenience.

Q: Do you offer child safety seats for families? 

A: Children and infants who travel with their families may benefit from our safety seats. If you desire to engage in these activities, please do so while booking to avoid inconveniences.

Q: Can I rent a car for a single day? 

A: We offer rental options ranging from single-day rentals to a month or more. What we have in mind varies depending on the type and duration of use of the car.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted? 

A: We allow major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Cash is also acceptable, but a credit card must be present at the time of deposit.